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About ARB Wholesale Dropshipping

Back in 2006 myself and a friend started our own website selling Fragrances and Cosmetics. Our aim was to expand the business and pay a small wage to us both, now in 2015 we have progressed into one of the UK’s biggest Dropshipper’s and Wholesalers .

We aim to supply you with the products you require, without paying out for any stock, in order that you can expand your own business with our experience behind you, just like we started out nearly 10 years ago now.

We currently run and own ARB-Wholesale and another computer dropshipping website, with toy and lingerie websites in the process of being built so the future is looking very bright for us. With your help as well we can continue to grow and establish our brand as the UK’s leading Dropshipper.

We are based in South East Kent and aim to provide a 5 working day delivery turnaround for all products (during busy periods the delivery time may increase slightly). The price you see on our websites is the price you pay, the VAT and UK postage is already included in order that you can easily ascertain your profit margin – there are no add on’s or gimmicks.

We look forward to a successful working relationship with you in the future.

Kind regards,
Paul Holtham
ARB-Wholesale Team